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Cuibhreann Cattery is one of the only catteries in the region that does not have a kennels attached.  That means it is much quieter and less stressful for the cats


Cuibhreann Cattery is built to the exacting standards  of the Feline Advisory Bureau which is the leading authority on catteries in the UK (there is no such irish authority)


Cuibhreann Cattery is a small set-up, only containing 8 units, therefore I have plenty of time to spend with the cats and they get lots of TLC



I can collect and deliver your cats for the standard mileage fee


Cuibhreann Cattery has a facebook page,, and I can put up photos of your cats for you to see while you are away

If you are viewing this on a smart phone please touch square black menu button on top right for more information.

My rates are as follows per night:

€16.50 for 1 cat

€21.50 for 2 cats sharing the same house

€25 for 3 cats sharing the same house.

(Please note many catteries quote per day so you will be charged a full day for the day you arrive and the day you leave.  I believe it is fairer to charge per night)


All cats must be vaccinated.

Cats should be transported securely in carriers/boxes or cages.

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