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Cuibhreann Cattery is a small, purpose built, cat only boarding facility, located in peaceful surroundings near Callan, Kilkenny.


It is built to the Feline Advisory Bureau's specifications.The house and runs have been designed to provide maximum interest and comfort for the cats.  


There are different levels such as window shelves, which the cats love sitting on to look out, chairs, boulders, scratching logs etc.


Each house is fully insulated and heated, making them very warm and cosy.

Each cat has their own house (4ft x 4ft x 5ft high) and each house has its own individual run (4ft  x 6ft x 6ft) so up to 3 cats from the same family could share.  


The runs are totally wired around and there is a fully wired security corridor along the front, eliminating any possibility of escape.  


Particular attention has been paid to hygiene.  There is a 2ft ventilation gap between all the runs, proven to help prevent spread of infection and the runs and houses are all finished with durable washable materials to facilitate proper cleaning and disinfection.


 The whole cattery is roofed with clear perspex so the cats can still enjoy the runs when it is raining.


Most importantly, I am a cat lover with many years experience of working and living with cats and I am happy to dedicate the time, effort and attention needed to run a happy healthy cattery.


Please contact me, Laura Roberts, if you would like to visit the cattery, or for further details or bookings. You can visit my facebook page for more pictures


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